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Running a linux application when booting from QSPI flash.

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glad to hear it's working now!

--- Quote ---4) I also found one issue with the Trenz provided tools that tripped me up.
Specifically, when programming the QSPI with the Vivado HW manager, and selecting the option to "Update the Entire Device", the flash process consistently failed (using fsbl_flash.elf)
I chose this option because I wanted to erase the entire flash, but it looks like the fsbl flash elf does not do this. However, when selecting the option to update only the size of the configuration file, then the programming completed correctly.
I think there is a bug in the generated special fsbl flash elf that does not work correctly when attempting to erase the entire QSPI device. It stops erasing at 0x4000000 - which is not the entire device and not sufficient for the BOOT.bin file.
"sf erase 0 4000000"
--- End quote ---
That's interesting.  Thank you for sharing this information!

I know, that fsbl_flash not longer works with 21.2, but normal one works now. With older Vivado versions it was the other way around. :-)
fsbl_flash is like normal FSBL, we only set boot mode hard to jtag and have disabled DDR (up to 20.2 reference design, on 21.2 we have leave DDR setup default, to check if it helps with the problem above).
In summer we will probably change to one, we will leave the fsbl_flash for the time being, in case the behavior changes again in future Vivado versions.




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