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please clarify VCCO_64 connections description in TE0820 TRM Rev v.97

Started by, December 23, 2021, 02:33:09 PM

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am confused with the description of VCCO_64 connections at last line on Page 25 of 38 in TE0820 TRM Rev v.97:
FPGA Bank         Schematic        Voltage      Note
  Bank 64 HP         VCCO_64            N.C          Not Connected

Does the N.C mean that there are no connections between JM2-PIN 7 and Bank 64 HP's AC5&AD8&AG7? Please clarify this.

I want to use Bank 64's IOs for MIPI receiver connections. I think supply 1.2V to JM2-PIN 7, will provide Bank 64 power. However, the description above in the reference manual makes me nervous to do this type of design.

Your clarification is highly appreciated.

Best regards



Hi, we have fixed this wrong section in the TRM:
I've upload new pdf version, which should be available in appr. 1 hour on the download area.
Dowload area includes also schematics where you can see what's connected.