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From TEBF0808-04A To TEB0911-04

Started by mt-user-2019, December 21, 2021, 06:18:51 PM

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My question is more xilinx tools oriented but since it is involving 2 Trenz product I try her first

We have developed the a huge part of our FPGA project on a  TEBF0808-04A + TE0803.

We need to continue the project on a TEB0911-04 (for ressources and FMC port reason).

Is there an easy way to either :

1. Open TEB0911's project and import the block design from the TEBF0808
2. Open the TEBF0808's project and 'change' the board settings to the TEB0911 board's settings
3. open to solution/idea

Thanks you in advance.



I come here to give one solution that I found.

1. Open the TEBF0808's project
2. file > project > save as
3. chose a name and location
4. in project manager > project summary > project part 'click'
5. project settings>general >project device > click on the ' ... '
6. Here for me I could not see TEB0911's board so I had to go to tools settings > board repository and find out where was the board description
7. when the tool let you do something again double click on the IP : zynq that is in your diargam and > presets > apply  configuration > (go in the trenz TEB0911's board exemple and export the preset.. this is the one that you want to appy)
8. verify because not everythings was correct

Voila now you have a project with a new board device that should work