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IO Bank VCC shorted to GND on TE0807


Hi, we are using Zynq Ultrascale+ SoC (module part number: TE0807-03-4BE21-A) with our own carrier board. The module/board have been working fine for a couple of weeks but now the module has stopped working. I found out that Bank 65 power rail is shorted to GND ( <0.5 Ohm).

One subLVDS channel (from Bank 65) is going to a connector on our board and gets connected to another FPGA on a separate board. I checked the resistance between the pins of this channel and it was around a few kOhms (with connector disconnected) and every other LVDS channel has a resistance of around ~100 kOhm. The power rail of this bank is also shorted GND. I removed the Trenz module from the carrier board and found out that the power rail short was on the module itself. I looked at the schematics and saw that there is only one capacitor connected to this rail on the module. I removed the capacitor and the short was still there.

This mostly implies that the short is on the SoC chip. Have I destroyed the chip? Is there a way to solve this problem?



--- Quote ---This mostly implies that the short is on the SoC chip. Have I destroyed the chip?
--- End quote ---
I think minimum this IO Bank, maybe more.

Can you share your custom carrier schematic? If yes, please send them to and we can check one time if we find something which caused this issue.

Other possible reasons, which you can check:
Do you use heat sink? Eventually the module was overheated?
What's with ESD Protection?


Hi John, Thanks for your reply. I'll reach out to you by email.


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