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GGA sentence ($GPGGA) not completely NMEA 0183 compliant

Started by Horsa, November 02, 2011, 12:54:07 PM

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Q: is the GGA sentence ($GPGGA) delivered by GlobalTop receivers completely compliant with NMEA 0183 standard?

No, it is not. GlobalTop receivers are based on Mediatek MT3318, MT3329, MT3339 chips. GGA sentences output by these receivers are not completely compliant with NMEA 0183 standard. As the following references show:
the number of satellites being tracked shall be all the time in a two-digit format whereas MediaTek chips output GGA sentences in one-digit format when the number of satellites is lower than 10 (0 to 9).

Customer requiring a complete NEMA 0183 compliance shall contact Trenz Electronic for a custom firmware release.