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MySQL on Eddy

Started by Gonek, October 23, 2011, 07:50:02 PM

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Hello, Could you tell me how can I connect with Data Base (mysql)and send Data from Eddy-S2M/PIN CPU v2. Should I use mysql.h library or is there some easy way to do it ?

Antti Lukats


can you elaborate what exactly are you trying to accomplish?
1) database on eddy, client on eddy?
2) database on remote server, eddy connects as client?
3) database on eddy, remote clients connects?

I would assume 2?

As eddy can be used with rather standard linux, so linux libraries and tools for mysql should all be useable as long as networking is working.



I thought about your second option. Thanks for your answer, I will try to use mysql lib in my project. If I succeed, I will post some informations about this.