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The future Artix UltraScale

Started by emdeezee, May 24, 2021, 06:46:45 PM

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Is it too early to know anything about it?

With the release of the Kria I suspect I won't have enough interest in using the A200. I really think it's an awesome chip but I have difficulty using all those DSPs and it's way overkill on BRAMs as well. OFC I expect the process shrink to lower power comsumption dramatically at the same performance level.

The AU15P would look like a better fit. I suspect given the situation Xilinx will just fab as much high-margin chips they can but I can still hope somebody has a plan about it. Is there anything going on?

Antti Lukats

We have some plans for AU+ based SoM. But the IC will not be available very soon, so we also not push it as we do not get chips in short time.