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Conecting external clock signal to the cyc1000


I am trying to connect an external board with a ULPI PHY to the CYC1000. I have to use the 60 MHz clock generated by this extrenal board to drive the logic within my CYC1000. I understand that if I use the rising_edge function on this signal then it has to be connected to a clock enabled input. From the schematics, I see that all such pins are grounded except two. One of those is the 12M onboard clock. The other is marked clk_x and is reserved for a crystal that is not connected.

Can I simply solder my clock signal to the free pad on the pcb? If yes,can someone point out which of the 4 pads is the output pad? I cannot figure it out somehow.

Thomas D:
I have marked the clk_x pad on the attached screenshot.




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