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SAM-BA: Failed to initialize external RAM


Solution for SAM-BA error: Failed to initialize external RAM

In case this error has occurred you must follow accurately Eddy_DK2_Programmer_Guide_Eng_V2.1.0.1, Chapter 9.2.4: Preparing Firmware Files & Utilities especially point 2, according to this you have to copy isp-extram-at91sam9260.bin from "USB_Recovery" to directory: C:/Program Files/ATMEL Corporation/AT91-ISP v1.12/SAM-BA v2.8/lib/AT91SAM9260-EK

If you using AT91-ISP v1.13 then the correct directory is: C:\Program Files\ATMEL Corporation\AT91-ISP v1.13\sam-ba 2.9\applets\isp-project\tcl_lib\at91sam9260-ek



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