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Totally newbie: migration from Raspberry, some questions

Started by el berto, May 12, 2021, 09:09:27 AM

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el berto

Hi guys, as written on subject I'm a totally newbie on Zynqberry.

I made a HAT for Raspberry (dsPIC+RTC+GPS receiver+ADC) to collect data synced to GPS time; I need this to work in realtime and create data packets to be sent to Raspberry through serial line at 115200 bit/s.
On Raspberry I have high level functions software (OS, FTP server and so on).

Two questions:
1) I would like to avoid second board (except for GPS receiver and ADC) so I suppose to use FPGA to do this, so Zynqberry looks suitable for this application.... am I right?
2) what about power consumption? I haven't found values about it. Let's say I use simple debian doing nothing, just ethernet connection, no operations on FPGA. Would it be more or less similar to Raspberry B?



zynqberry is a configurable system. You can't compare it with Raspberry .

Power consumption depends on your design (SW on PS (Processing part with ARM)) and your FPGA Design on PL (Processing logic) and you cooling solution.
PS and PL are configurable, so you can have different versions of "Let's say I use simple debian doing nothing, just ethernet connection, no operations on FPGA", depending on your implementation.
For orientation, Zynqberry is design to work with USB power supply(min. USB2.0), this is suitable for most application --> 2,5W. But there are also designs possible which needs more --> in this case you need USB 3 hub for power supply or separate power supply.

If you can port some software from RPI to this platform or not depends on the driver which are used. Maybe you must write own one or find other one.

Basic for Zynq architecture:
other Xilinx documentation:

We have some examples online to  start with Zynqberry:
other links to documentation and downloads: