Author Topic: Getting Started with TE0714  (Read 49 times)

Karim Damji

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Getting Started with TE0714
« on: May 02, 2021, 04:23:24 AM »
I'm new to FPGAs, and am working with a TE0714-03-35-2I module which is landed on a TEBA0714-01 carrier. I'd like to power up and download the TE0714 reference design to it, and have encountered hurdles for which I'm requesting help.  Specifically:

1.  The TE0417 schematic references power supply VIN that enters the module on JM1/98,100, but the mating connections on the carrier JM1/97,99 are labelled 3.3V on the carrier schematic.  It's not clear where users should land 3.3V power for the carrier/module.  The only assembled connector that's a candidate is JX1/5. Is that recommended the recommended practice?

2.  Downloading the Vivado reference design is impractical given that TE0790-03 devices are unavailable at present. I have access to a Xilinx Platform Cable USB II, but am unsure of the connections needed.  I think it's clear that the following are needed:
TDI  (XPC/10 --> JX1/10)
TDO (XPC/8 --> JX1/8)
TCK (XPC/8 --> JX1/4)
TMS (XPC/4-> JX1/12)
GND (XPC/3,5,7,9,11 --> JX1/1,2)
but do I also need to connect the following:
Vref (on XPC/2) to V_CFG (on JX1/6)
PGND (on XPC/13) to PROG_B (on JX1/11)?

Thanks in advance to anyone who provides guidance.



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Re: Getting Started with TE0714
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2021, 08:06:17 AM »

TEBA0714-01 is a simple breakout board without power connector. You must connect laboratory power supply to one of the 3.3V Pin (for example J17-5, J17-46, J20-5, J20-46, J4-5, J3-5), see also schematics:

For Variable Bank powers, check which assembly version you has bough.

Additional documentation and links to download for the carrier and the module:

Regarding JX1 XMOD connector. I would recommend to use XMOD(this one with Xilinx License on programmer) but you can also use Xilinx programmer.
With XMOD you has also the possibility to use UART over the XMOD Programmer. Here are some more information about the XMOD:

BOOTMODE Pin can be floating for Master QSPI mode.

Yes it looks correct like you has described:
JX1-4 (TCK)is input  from the module
JX1-8 (TDO) is output from the module
JX1-10 (TDI) is is input from the module
JX1-12 (TMS) is is input from the module

V_CFG is JTAGVREF (which depends on module assembly variant)
And GND is alsoGND