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[Teltonika] GH3000 > Track Assistant > "Map" button

Started by Horsa, June 21, 2011, 02:39:47 PM

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Q: what is the meaning of the "Map" button in the Track Assistant software for Teltonika GH3000?

Map button would be useful, if you would have several supported maps installed into your computer, for example Microsoft Mappoint and Akis (Lithuanian maps). Then with this button help you would be able to choose which map should be active and used by Track Assistant in order to draw track. However, if you do not have any maps installed, then this does not provide any function.  There is no separate user manual for GH3000 software Track Assistant. We recommend to use Track Assistant help (press F1 while Track Assistant is active) for options description.

We recommend most users to use the Google Earth button instead; of course this requires prior installation of Google Earth.