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About the permission on the use of Arrow USB Programmer

Started by um1974, July 28, 2020, 02:47:25 PM

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I am designing new Intel FPGA board for AI educational materials.
I consider about the integration of Arrow's USB JTAG configration scheme into
my new design.

The board has a FTDI USB(FT2232H) chip which is connected to FPGA with JTAG.
FTDI to FPGA circuit connection is based on CYC1000 board.

I have a question about the permission.
If there's no license permission and fee about it , I want to adopt the FTDI settings on my design.

If it is permitted , Can I ask the FTDI parameters ?



it's not allowed to use arrow drivers with your own FTDI solution. You can use this drivers only with one of our products or products from arrow.

We offer SMD programmer solution with FTDI, which you can use on your own board: