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TE0890 SPI ELF Bootloader

Started by Mantas, June 20, 2024, 10:38:57 PM

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TE0890 SPI ELF Bootloader - remove from project.

how disable, remove ELF, i don't wana use it ? I remove ELF from vivado (only left mb_bootlauder_le.elf), but i don't understand how vitis get it. With this bootlauder don't work vitis debug tools, and don't run any code.


I can't understand exactly what you are doing. The reference design provided by Trenz generates the following 2 elf-files:
  • hello_te0890.elf
  • spi_bootloader.elf

elf-files are the software application files for zynq or MicroBlaze Processor Systems. They will be generated with Vitis. You can find an older manual for Vitis in the following link