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How can i program with K150 isp

Started by fedekr, August 30, 2022, 04:12:29 PM

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Hello everybody.
is the first post I write on the forum.
I am trying to use a k150 board that I bought on the internet to program pic (pic16f73) but I have found few tutorials on the internet and apart from the fact that I still have problems writing the code and compiling it on mplab the microbrn program
when I do> program or> verify (I loaded a HEX file but empty for the moment it gives me all 3FF, but it gives me the error "the board is not responding, about to apply reset" and then "reset failed, please check" .

I can't understand what I have to do, I program with arduino and I didn't think it was so complicated, can you help me?

I'm not even sure if I should use the box or the six pins to the right of the board sorry for the ignorance ...

I can't figure out what to do if you want to help me I'll give you any information ...


this forum is only for Trenz Electronic products. Therefore, we can't help you there either.
You should ask the manufacturer directly or write to some more general forum...for example: