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Frequency of "One Sentence (1-sentence)" sentences

Started by Horsa, April 14, 2011, 04:42:12 PM

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Is it possible to under-sample the output rate of the "One Sentence (1-sentence)" sentences with regard to the fix update rate?

No, it is not.

Currently there is no customized command to adjust the interval of the "One Sentence (1-sentence)" sentences, however GlobalTop can customize this interval for you if needed. But remember, since sentence interval and update rate is directly correlated, it is probably best not to change update rate on their own with the customized interval.

Another way to do this is modify the update rate directly using PMTK220 command if assuming the interval is set to 1 (which is probably the case)

For example:

You can change 1000 (ms) to 10000 (ms), now the module will only output the customized sentence once every 10 seconds.

The admissible range of the update rate is from 100 to 10000 ms.