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Is there a reference design for ISE 13.1 in the works? And if so, do you have an idea when it will be done?

Thanks in advance,

We are preparing ISE 13.x versions for Trenz Electronic GigaBee XC6SLX reference design

and of course there are plans for Trenz Electronic TE03xx series.
Unfortunately two issues are slowing down this release:

* as of XPS 13.x, use of SDK 13.x is mandatory and mostly undocumented
* SDK 13.x removes hidden .svn versioning folders from some project folders, irrecoverably obstructing SVNYou are invited to contribute.

I will take a look, although my hardware programming skills are mostly non-existent. :)

Am I missing something or are there no files in the TE03xx Reference Design repository?

No, you are not: "there are plans for Trenz Electronic TE03xx series" to be ported to 13.x, but not files yet.

Ok. I just assumed the repository would have the older reference designs as well, as per the page in the wiki. Will keep checking back for updates!

Thanks for the swift answers.


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