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TE0720-03-1QF Equivalent to TE072-03-2IF if used over Ind Temp Range Only?

Started by JTS, October 08, 2019, 07:13:16 PM

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Hi- we have a potential production logjam, we need the industrial temp TE072-03-2IF fast but none are currenlty available but the automotive temp TE0720-03-1QF is available.  They appear equivalent but the speed grade of the FPGA is slower (-1) on the automotive part than the indutrial part (-2).  I'm wondering if the TE0720-03-1QF is used over industrial temp range only if it'll work at the -2 speed grade spec?  I know in the past we used commercial FPGA's one speed grade faster to work over indstrial temp range when industrial parts were not available.

Thorsten Trenz

this can only be answered by Xilinx.

Best Regards,
Thorsten Trenz


Thanks, that's what thought but thought I'd check here anyways.

I see the TE720-03-2IFA is in stock, it says it's the same but different flash, I assume it's operationally identical?


It works normally identical and size is also  the same. You must select other Flash name  to program flash with Vivado.

Use mt25ql256-qspi-x4-single instead of s25fl256s-3.3v-qspi-x4-single
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