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Zynqberry TE0726 + PI CAM V2 -> bare metal example and Hsync Vsync


I've copied the refrence design 2018.2 with the camera stream.
I want to use this example in bare metal application.
Is there a example for bare metal with camera?

is there a way to get Hsync+Vsync+Data  signals instead of AXI4S bus? Some older IP cores have no AXI and it would be nice to use these.
Thank you very much

we offer at the moment only this linux demo. But source code of the  Vivado IPs(independent from linux os) are included into this demo design, so you can change like you want/need. Modified FSBL (source code as sdk template included) configures VDMA controller to write images into DDR. You can use this also with a barmetal app.


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