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Geofencing: pin interrupt instead of serial polling

Started by Hengist, February 17, 2011, 03:11:08 PM

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Q: Geofencing: interrupt pin instead of serial polling

GlobalTop's Geofencing customized firmware solution allows to create a variable-sized circular perimeter using a point of interest as its center. The GPS receiver will then intelligently inform the host processor through serial protocol whether or not if the current receiver's position is outside or inside the geofencing zone. The host processor has to poll periodically the receiver status through serial commands: periodically querying with $PGCMD and parsing $PGTOP responses.

In addition, it is possible to customize one receiver pin (let's say 3D-FIX or PPS) to output the warning state. It can be advantageous to generate an interrupt pin/signal to power up a host controller (e.g. a wireless communication unit such as a wireless interface).

In general, we will be able to customize such solution using 3D-FIX or 1PPS to act as an interrupt/warning. But the initial criteria would be that the customer who is using the solution is not utilizing those pins in the first place.

In addition, there are a couple of different ways the warning can be utilized: does the user want the module to send an interrupt signal when the module is inside the geofencing zone (traveling to forbidden area)? Or does the user want the module to send that signal when the module is outside the geofencing zone instead?

Another thing to note is that the method of interrupt might be different depending on the host processor. We can program it so that the signal can be a constant level shift (high/low) or in pulses.

Due to the vast configurations available and customizations needed, GlobalTop did not add this as a part of its standard solution. But, we are also very welcome to co-operate with any customer that needs us to tailor made a specific solution on their behalf.

Please contact us for further information.