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jtag problem on new TEI0003 CYC1000 board

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Antti Lukats:

TEI0003 should be "un-brickable" that is whatever you do you should retain access to the JTAG and ability to reflash the SPI flash as well.


click on "detect" .. in tree view JTAG it should show the jtag id if JTAG chain is working

2) use FTDI FT_PROG and check that the EEPROM on the failing unit has the same content as on the good one

3) try pressing RESET button when doing jtag discovery (this would keep FPGA in config reset state)

Antti Lukats

Sorry for the delay in responding,

This  tool also fails to detect the device or get the device ID on the failing unit.  I also tried, as you suggested, holding it in reset while doing the discover with no success.  I don't believe I can go much further with this problem.

regards, Dana


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