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Linux JTAG and serial /dev/ttyUSBx

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#Interface number zero is a JTAG.
# SUBSYSTEM=="usb",\
# ATTRS{idVendor}=="0403",\
# ATTRS{idProduct}=="6010",\
# ATTR{interface}=="Arrow USB Blaster",\
# ATTR{bInterfaceNumber}=="00"
# RUN="/bin/sh -c 'echo $kernel > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/ftdi_sio/unbind'"
rrom the rules file allows /dev/ttyUSBx and JTAG to work at the same time.  Created a simple loop back on the serial pins using the CYC1000 and was able to echo data back up to 3Mbps using minicom  Also, adding some pins to route the serial out to the header and validated pins were toggling using a log analyzer.


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