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Byte write to external SDRAM

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I hoped that it was solved, however last week I hit some really weird issues (strange hardfaults, missing interrupts, reads of initialized memory that looked like uninitialized). Playing with parameters of DDR Bridge and cached seems to change the probability of crash so I suspect that memory controlled is the cause here.

Unfortunately CoreSDR_AXI (used by Microsemi by default) does not support byte access (it is written in its documentation) and I was unable to get CoreSDR_AHB to work.

Antti Lukats:
so are you using the axiSDRAM ?

we had also some really bad issues, and had to-do something funky to get it properly working, and I think it did  work, and that design actually should be online, but already for ages.

I was trying various solutions.

To sum up:

* Design that is linked on the SMF2000 page (it uses CoreSDR_AXI) - result is the same as in the first post (some bytes are not written).
* Manually recreated design using default components (CoreSDR_AXI) - result is the same as provided design
* CoreSDR_AHB but it was not writing anything at all (all reads came back as zeros)
* 3rd party IP Core - seemed to work at the begining but that program started crashing in ways that doesn't make any sense
It would be great if someone else owning the board could verify the issue.


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