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Example of EEPROM writing on TE03xx Series modules


Thorsten Trenz:
Q: I need an example of how to write EEPROM or Flash via the API

Please refer to the FX2_instruction_set.xls in the reference design for the full command set.
A description can be found here:

--- Code: ---char SetDeviceIDcommand(unsigned int handle, unsigned char device_id)
      byte cmd[FX2_MESS_LEN], reply[FX2_MESS_LEN];
      int cmd_length = 64;
      int reply_length = 64;

      cmd[0] = 0xA9;
      cmd[1] = (byte)(DEVICE_ID_EEPROM_ADDR>>; //addr HIGH
      cmd[2] = (byte)DEVICE_ID_EEPROM_ADDR; //addr LOW
      cmd[3] = 1; //single byte
      cmd[4] = device_id;

      if (TE0300_SendCommand(handle, cmd, cmd_length, reply,&reply_length,TIMEOUT_MS)) {
            return -1;
      return 0;

--- End code ---

Thorsten Trenz:
More examples can be found here now:


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